So I’ve been having difficulty figuring out what to write about today. That’s probably why it’s 01.44 in the middle of the night. But hey. Better late than never, right?

So it’s been a lazy and slow weekend, with no plans other than a kids birthday yesterday.
For me, it can actually be kind of a problem not to have plans, as I tend to just drop everything and do absolutely nothing at all. I just lie in my bed and binge watch tv shows and surf around the interwebs.
Yesterday I slept till 11.30 and today till 11.00.. And I actually had to go to a danceclass 11.15, but well you know, that didn’t happen. But I still wanted to be productive.
So I said to myself “plan your meals for the week, then go for a walk and then workout.”
But hours went by, my uncle came unannounced and before I knew it was 16.30, and I had done absolutely nothing. No meal plan, no walk, no workout.
On days like these I always end up in a spiral of a lot of negative thoughts and self-blaming.
I thought a quick look around Pinterest would help me make a quick meal plan, but nope, because I didn’t focus my search right. But finally I found something helpful and I had a grocery list. I changed clothes and shaked up a pre-workout shake and got in the car. I lost daylight hours and didn’t get to take my dog on a good walk and that always makes me feel really bad, she’s a big dog and needs those walks.o
I drove to the gym, sat in my car, totally unmotivated, played some games on the phone before I finally pulled myself together and walked in. The pre workout must have kicked in or something. I have a workout-plan, but all the rags were occupied and the treadmill I normally want to run on was too. I just about walked out again, but decided to go to the ellipticals. At first I sat the goal for 10 minutes, then 15 and so on, but ended up taken 30 minutes, and it made me feel really good. I don’t hate cardio, I just find it boring. Sometimes I watch tv on the phone otherwise I just turn up the music. I have a hard time staying focused on things for a longer period of time, so I look around the gym all the time. That’s probably also my insecurity, checking if people are starring at me.
Thats the worst part of the gym. Like I know what I’m doing, I’ve been working out for many years, I know the exercises, know what number of sets and reps to take, so I don’t worry about that. Just people starring.
I did some strength training and called it for today. I was okay with my effort considering what my starting point was.

After I had to go grocery shopping. It went fine, I only put one chocolate bar in the cart. Got everything from my list, and then headed home to make dinner. Leftover pork with peas and pasta. Totally unhealthy, but a least it wasn’t take-out or McDonalds.

With dinner done, and the clock being around 21.00, it became time to prepare my meals for tomorrow. I’d found the recipe (…) of oatmeal muffins, that I had to try! I love getting oatmeal in the mornings, but I don’t make time in the morning to cook it, and I haven’t found the perfect way to make overnight-oats yet. So this was jo perfect! I made the ones with blueberries and almonds, and I’m excited to try them!!
Other than that I made some scrambled eggs, also for breakfast. Then made some pinwheels for lunch and cut up some greens. The rest I’ll make when I get home.

…. and just like that another hour past and I’m going to school at 10’clock, so goodnight, sleep well or goodmorning – have a wonderful day, wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment, ask questions or anything you won’t.

Till next time

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