Three Poems by Jill Tabot

Beautiful poems.

Heavy Feather Review

They Put My Name In A Museum

There are just as many in the “write what you know”
and the “write what you don’t” camps, like protestors
who don’t realize their signs are the same, only in
different languages: duck or rabbit.

They put my name in a museum, and I was foolish
enough to complain that they described me as “fearlessly
tackling difficult subject matter.”

I complained when there are people whose last words
were put in museums—words spoken from phones, before
the cell towers failed—before anyone knew to pick up.

I didn’t complain because I’m not fearless—nor that
there are things I cannot tackle—towers, for instance—
people falling.

I complained because I didn’t want to be defined by trauma—
because Lawand Order: SVU also starts off with a warning:
“Difficult subject matter: Viewer discretion is advised.”

Personally, I’ve always been on the side of the ducks. Perhaps

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